Push user CSV data to Zapier.
The data from files uploaded by the users can be pushed to Zapier as a trigger. This data can then be moved to any connected app of your choice.
Log in to
Add a sheet.
Add a sheet
Add columns to the sheet as per your requirement.
Add columns
Under the "Settings" section, for the "Send Data To" setting select the "Zapier" option.
Click "Connect Zap".
Connect Zap
This will redirect you to Zapier.
Log in to your Zapier account.
Create a new Zap.
Select as the Trigger. trigger
Select 'New Import Row' as the Trigger Event.
Connect your account by providing the API Key and API Secret Key. These keys can be found on the Accounts page of your csvbox dashboard.
API crentials
Select the sheet (template) in the 'sheets' dropdown of the 'Set up Trigger' section. Data from this sheet will be pushed to Zapier one row at a time.
Select Sheet
Then you can Test the trigger and continue with setting up the Action of your Zap.
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