Change Log

A record of all notable changes made to the application.

15 September 2021


  • Multiple Encoding support. The users can now select/change the Character Set when they upload a CSV.

Select Character Set
  • Display options for adding customizable title, help text and downloadable sample CSV on the importer.

Display Options

09 September 2021


  • VueJs integration.


  • Increased the size of the file drop area on the importer.

  • Required columns will now have a * mark on the column mapping page of the importer.


  • Intermitted failed imports problem. It was related to the Cloudflare CDN issue.

31 August 2021


  • 'Remove All' button to delete the invalid rows all at once.

Remove All button
  • Big-endian validation for date type columns.

30 August 2021

It was been a busy month for the csvbox team as we reworked the entire architecture and introduced some new features.


  • A new Plus plan with an increased limit of 500,000 rows per import

Plus Plan
  • Intelligent Column Mapping - Based on the historical columns mapped by the users, the importer will now automatically map the columns for new imports so that the users don't have to.

  • Matching Keywords - You can provide a set of keywords as alternative matching options to help users match column names automatically. For example, let's say you have a column name 'First Name'. If you think a lot of your users might have sheets with columns as 'F_Name' or simply 'First', then you can add two matching keywords 'F_Name' and 'First'. The importer will then automatically match columns to the specified keywords to speed up column mapping.

  • MySQL Data Destination - Push customer CSV data directly to your MySQL Database Tables.


  • UI bugs

26 July 2021


  • In addition to the Column Name, you can now add Display Label for any sheet column. Display Labels will replace the Column Names in the header row that the user will see while doing an import.

Display Label


  • Fixed Date validation bug.

20 July 2021


  • Angular Integration

13 July 2021


  • React Integration

07 July 2021


  • A new Data variable is returned via the callback function of the integration code. This variable contains the details of the completed import. More information here. This change is backward compatible with the old integration code.

30 June 2021


  • Fixed UI bugs.

  • Optimized importer for faster speed.

11 June 2021


  • New column type 'List'. You can now specify a list of allowed values for a column. The importer will validate the column data with the list of values configured.

  • Min, Max values validation for Number type columns.

  • Min, Max character length validation option for Text type columns.

09 June 2021


28 May 2021


  • A sheet copy button to quickly make duplicate sheets.

24 May 2021


  • A new optional method setUser() to the sheet integration code. With the setUser() method you can reference the user by providing the value to the user_id option. This helps you identify and match imports to their respective users from within your system.


  • Updated pricing plans.

New Pricing Plans

21 May 2021


  • Support for adding custom headers for all webhooks.

18 May 2021


  • Fixed a few edge case data input scenarios for CSV files.

  • Improved the speed of import.

29 April 2021


  • Boolean, Regex, IP, URL, Credit Card type validations for sheet columns.


  • branding for paid plans.

20 April 2021


  • Amazon S3 destination type. You can now push the user uploaded files directly to your S3 bucket

12 April 2021


  • Encryption for the user-uploaded files.

  • Validation check for restricting files more than 15MB in size.


  • Enhancements for faster uploads

19 Mar 2021


  • Settings page under the top right menu

Settings Page
  • Delete Files Policy to provide an option to get all the user files deleted as soon as the upload is complete.

File Delete Policy


  • Filter UI on the Import Page

03 Mar 2021


  • Date type validation for the sheet columns


  • UI bugs on the importer widget

18 Feb 2021


  • You can now subscribe to a webhook that will be triggered each time an import event is completed.


  • CDN file caching problem.

10 Feb 2021


  • Added a callback function to the sheet integration code. This function will be invoked client side each time an import event is completed.

20 Dec 2020


  • UI errors on the Imports page.


  • Location of the plans page. Moved it under the User menu.

14 Dec 2020


  • Introduced to the world