Import customer CSV data to your Webflow CMS.
Steps to configure Webflow data destination:
Log in to
Add a sheet.
Add columns to the sheet as per your requirement.
Under the "Destination" section, for the "Send Data To" setting select the "Webflow" option.
Click the "Connect Webflow" button.
Connect Webflow
This will redirect you to the Webflow CSVbox Integration Authorization screen.
Webflow Authorization
You will have to select the site where you want the CSV data to be pushed.
Click 'Authorize Application'.
Go back to your Csvbox sheet and pick the Webflow site and the collection from the list.
Select site and collection
Click the "Map Columns" button and map the sheet columns to the Webflow CMS collection fields.
Column Mapping
Click the "Save" button.
The CSVs uploaded by the users will now be pushed to the Webflow CMS.
Last modified 1yr ago